What can I expect from YoYoga classes?

A typical yoga class will involve working with the breath, learning how to hold asana (postures) safely with correct alignment followed by a deep relaxation at the end of class.  Over time as the asana become more familiar there is a sense of flow from one to the next.  All asana can be developed or modified to how your body is on the day for at Yoyoga we know that one size does not fit all.

What kind of yoga will I be practicing?

We teach Vinyasa flow yoga from gentle through to dynamic.  You will learn correct alignment whilst flowing from one Asana to the next.  The fluidity of movement between Asanas and the focus you need to keep moving, whilst developing strength, flexibility and stamina, will clear your mind of any clutter as you stop thinking of quite so much stuff.  In this way Yoyoga Vinyasa classes are a kind of moving meditation as you come to find a stillness inside while moving on the outside.

What do I wear to class?

You should wear what feels comfortable in while you are moving and stretching.  We always take our shoes and socks off to feel a connection to the ground on which we stand.

Do I need to bring anything?

You might need a yoga mat.  There are a limited number to borrow on the day but these cannot always be guaranteed so check in advance.  You may also find it useful to bring a belt, strap or tie to help you get into the Asana and some people like to bring a blanket or cover at the end for a deeper relaxation.  As we are detoxifying too through twisting the body you might want to bring a bottle of water to drink. 

Will Yoga help me if I’m suffering from injuries? 

A restorative yoga class will help to strengthen and realign any weaker parts of the body as a result of injuries but it is really important that you let the teacher know in advance.

Will yoga help me lose weight?

The dynamic yoga classes can certainly help towards weight loss along with toning and stretching the body.  You will increase your metabolism, burn calories and elongate the muscles creating a leaner posture.

How often should I practise yoga?

It’s good to do ten minutes a day regularly rather than one class a fortnight.  If you can find the time try and do one or two classes a week regularly.  After about five weeks you should notice a real development in your flexibility and strength.

What if I’m too stiff?

We’re all too stiff – that’s why we do yoga!  Yoga is for everyone and it’s never too late to start.  Remember you’ll never be this young again.