Here is what Sarah's clients have been saying about YOYOGA classes. If you would like to find out more take a look at  the classes currently available HERE.


"Every week is different in Sarah's yoga classes. She's helpful, funny and manages a class from complete beginners to those who can stand on their head whilst in lotus position.  Truthfully I only come for the sleep and biscuits at the end."

Jane Sharp

"I loved Sarah's yoga classes while I was pregnant. They really helped with my sore back and they were also a great way of meeting other mums-to-be, with tea, cake and fruit after the class. The class was always a great start to the weekend and kept me well through my pregnancy. Sarah  gives lots of practical advice to help in labour and to combat pregnancy-related aches and pains. She made me much more body-aware and gave me confidence about poses I could do safely while pregnant. I enjoyed Sarah's classes so much that I have continued going (to yin yoga) now that my son is here. Sarah has really helped my post-natal recovery and I feel so much stronger and calmer after her classes, plus I sleep really well." 

Victoria Hawarth

"I attended Sarah's class from 13 weeks pregnant right up until 38 weeks and can honestly say it helped me to achieve a birth that was empowering, undisturbed and a truly wonderful experience. The breathing techniques I learnt and poses for each stage of labour meant I remained calm and under control, thank you!" 

Leah Moss

"I started pregnancy yoga quite late on in my pregnancy, but in just a few weeks have really felt the benefits of Sarah's classes in terms of relaxation, breathing techniques and general well-being.  Sarah ensures everyone feels comfortable at their level and explains things in a way that's both interesting and relatable to the different stages of pregnancy, which has really helped me feel more prepared for what's to come.  Thoroughly recommend!"

Jane Dolan

"I have been going to Sarah's yoga classes for a while now and I look forward to every class.  Sarah is an amazing yoga teacher who makes each lesson enjoyable."

Michelle Duffy


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