The word yoga comes from a Sanskrit word meaning union or “to yoke” as in joining together the mind, body and soul bringing about a sense of peace, balance and wellbeing.

Yoga involves learning to take our focus inside and really feeling and listening to our body rather than letting our head dictate to us what we "should" and "shouldn't" be doing.  All too often as we are overloaded with information from phones and computers all day every day we can feel as if we are a head plonked on top of a body with no obvious connection between the two.  Yoga can help us to feel "whole" again - calm amidst the chaos.

Whether classes are fast and dynamic or slow and restorative you will ALWAYS feel better at the end of a class than you did at the beginning.



Through the release of tension held in the body, often unconsciously, we can move freely, breathe more deeply and think clearly as our minds quieten down.

Over time we will increase our flexibility and strength through working on the major muscle groups, joints, tendons and tissues.

 Through the stimulation of blood flow and flushing out of toxins our internal organs are detoxified.

Any postural imbalances can be addressed along with developing an increased awareness of our body

Practicing regular meditation and breathing techniques can help develop strategies to soothe our nervous system.