You can do yoga anywhere at any time as all you need is a space to lay down your mat and the discipline to get on it.

Through regular practice you will experience benefits on so many levels from a deeper sleep to the easing of long held muscular tensions as well as a detox for your internal organs and increased strength and flexibility.

Stress related illnesses have reached endemic proportions in our modern society.  From supermarket queues to road rage whenever our body encounters stress we move into a “fight or flight” state releasing stress hormones to deal with the situation.  With every tension we encounter our body stiffens up in response and we often unconsciously walk around tensing our shoulders or clenching our jaw.

Adrenaline running through the body was really useful for our ancestors while they were on the run trying to avoid being a wild animal’s dinner but the body doesn’t differentiate the difference in today’s world.  Every time adrenaline is released to combat stress it shuts down important bodily functions which affect our digestion, immunity and related systems in the body leading to long term health problems and a shorter life.

"Yoga is about making time to remember who you are and reconnect from deep within." 


Through a regular yoga practice you will develop the ability to observe your thoughts and notice how and where you hold tension in the body.  In time we can recognise any negative thought patterns and  let them pass like clouds in the sky rather than running away with them – what yogis call a “monkey mind”.

In our busy world yoga helps us to recharge and replenish our vital energy which is so easily depleted with the competing demands of our lifestyle. Through focusing on the breath and slowing down the mind yoga and meditation can help us reduce the physical and emotional strains of our modern life.  Yoga is about making time to remember who you are and reconnect from deep within. 

Whatever your motivation YoYoga has a yoga to suit everyone – children, teenagers, adults, seniors, people with additional needs, new mums or for women going through the menopause.

So cast your excuses and barriers aside and get started on this life changing journey.

Refuse to let an old person move into your body.